Algorithms are Fickle & Why I Don't Mess with Vanity Metrics in Marketing

Why I Don't Mess with Vanity Metrics

Just recently, I had a client ask me: "How come more people aren't seeing my organic posts on Facebook?" I'll admit, this is the first time a client of mine has ever challenged analytics or my abilities before. It's likely that they knew little about the way the algorithms work and also haven't been shown the reality that Facebook is such a Pay-to-Play environment these days, and I totally get it! Today, I'm sharing why analytics don't mean everything, algorithms are fickle and I'm not in this business to simply make my clients endless followers or views. Contrary to popular belief, the latter isn't the only reason you should have digital marketing for your brand.

Let's start with the concept that Natalie Franke shares in her #CommunityOverCompetition movement (which I'm all about, if you know me even a little bit!): More Friends, Less Followers. When shopping for a marketing specialist, it's key to look at the version of marketer that they are. Are they interested in vanity metrics and buying followers to look more legitimate? Or are they more focused on quality connections and building community around your brand? There are a variety of different types of marketing specialists and hiring the most qualified one for your specific needs is so, SO important. 

As a content marketer, I focus on building quality connections through distribution of material - free of charge. Content marketers focus on opt-in freebies and email lists, blog posts (like this one, chalk full of necessary material within the niche) and beautiful imagery put together with meaningful captions that convert into sales and brand authority/awareness.

The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story.
— James O'Brien, Contently/Mashable

Here's the reasons I'm not BFFs with vanity metrics:


It's nearly impossible to stay abreast of all the constant-changing algorithms on each social media platform. Unfortunately, these days they've made the atmosphere greatly a Pay-to-Play space where you cannot win without paid advertisements - this is why us content marketers focus on providing content of value that then entices users into sales, without the sales pitch and even worse: bought followers and an overly expensive ads budget that drains your bank account.


Without people's awareness of your brand, your brand won't succeed. You need awareness and consistency to get the word out and become populated in people's minds. Having a digital marketing or social media manager means consistently posting and churning out content to stay at the top of people's priority lists and move them through the funnel to booking. I focus on circulating YOU.


As you share content, you develop a sense of authority that you know what you're talking about in your niche, providing the tidbits of knowledge that you need to share in order to seem legitimate. There's no reason for a stranger to trust you - you must put out content to prove your worth. Ranking better in social media searches, and perhaps other search engines, too, helps you establish authority. I help you establish your niche credentials and maintain upkeep on your brand's authority.


My goal? To get you repeat customers that will return again and again, not 1,000 people seeing each post (which is totally doable, too, depending on your follower size and the algorithms that day) who never click through and book/stop by and purchase. Quite frankly: I don't care who sees your posts or clicks that follow button if they aren't making a meaningful connection with your business. Like Natalie says, we need to focus on making more friends and less followers. By providing this free content of value, we create an environment of trust and loyalty among your audience, new and old.


... and everyone strives for a feeling of belonging! This is greatly what my life's purpose has stood for throughout my years on this planet and what I hope it does continue to stand for through my blog and business endeavors, personal relationships and client bonds. My goal, through techniques similar to StoryBranding, is to show your client/customer what problem you can help them overcome and frame them as the hero in their own story, with you as the simple guide. We show your clients how to belong and that they are worthy of belonging -- the most desired feeling of all.


When you combine all of these together, you get a holistic strategy that helps you recognize the benefits of hiring a content marketer. I'm so much more than "a social media person", "a blogger", "a consultant". I'm an integral part of your team and I work tireless hours to make sure it is this way for each one of my marvelously wonderful clients whose businesses I so deeply believe in and promote personally. Yes, the profit will come (I just saw a 35% increase in a new client's revenue over the past month alone!), but that's not our one and only goal.

At the end of the day, I want to celebrate and elevate your brand. I want you to see brand awareness, gain brand authority in your niche, have an accessible, easy way to share the latest news about your business to your followers, build a more active and involved community, increase your customer/client's engagement and loyalty to your brand by making an impact in their lives, and showcase what you do best and who you are (your identity, culture and values), with this latter piece then transcending into profit and reducing your overwhelm. In my world, the strategy must achieve all results to be deemed "successful".


What version of marketing draws you in? Are you a content marketing fan or do you prefer traditional marketing and advertising tactics? Can't wait to learn more about you!

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Why I Don't Mess with Vanity Metrics




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