Why I Love My Body + You Should, Too

Why I Love My Body (And You Should, Too)
Why I Love My Body (And You Should, Too)

When I think about body love or body confidence, there's a whole bunch of history that comes to mind. I know deep down that no matter what my body manifests itself as or looks like over the years, I will always accept it because it has done brilliant things for me. Here's why I love my body (and you should, too).

1. My body has been the vessel that has carried me through this life. Oh, how I love it so! My body has helped me escape tough times, embrace great times and has survived a lot of health bullshit.

2. My stomach is amazing and useful! I can balance a plate of food, my phone and other random objects against my "poochy" belly (and then eat the food and enjoy my life even more).

3. My butt looks great in a tight skirt. We all have things we dig about ourselves, am I right? I wouldn't trade my fat butt for anything in LIFE.

4. My sturdy thighs that (HALLELUJAH!) don't have thigh gap by purposeful starvation. My thighs are strong and withhold all the yoga bends and all my yummy doughnut endeavors. I wouldn't trade my traits like these that remind me of my Hispanic heritage and womanly curves.

5. My skin by far is my favorite part of my physical appearance, hair being a close second (although that took years to feel good about and still sometimes gets me down). I never had to battle bad acne as a kid (just an occasional few pimples) and I'm so grateful for that.

6. I am unique. Just like you, we all carry traits that set us apart from each other and all of these traits (both physical and personality) should be celebrated and loved.

*Note: I'm a big fat lover and am beginning to do my best to not consider "fat" a derogatory term. Please don't interpret my usage as offensive or negative.

Why do you love your body? Brag a lil'! Share your beauty in the comments--all genders celebrated!

Why I Love My Body (And You Should, Too)
Why I Love My Body (And You Should, Too)