I'm Not a Genius! 5 Reasons Why Normal People Should Blog


Today, I feel like discussing how lousy of a blogger I am. Truly! I always feel like I let down my readers when I fail to post regularly, give up on a genuinely good content idea, or feel discouraged from dedicating 150% of myself to my Internet presence. The reality is: not many of us "normal" people with jobs and lives aside from blogging can truly produce high-quality content day in and day out.

When you intern, work in retail and go to school (in my case), there is very little time when you aren't completing college assignments, doing extra at-home research to better your internship performance, or um... cooking so that you can have meals for the week! I have no clue how mommy bloggers do it.

However, in all this madness somehow everything still gets done, and we still manage to crank out a few blog posts here and there. I feel as though this reality needs to be shared, and that leads me to the top 5 reasons why I believe "normal people" should blog!

1. Most importantly, it needs to become known that the YouTube stars who dedicate their lives to video content are not "normal" by any means (although I love them to death). They are the exception to the rule. The rest of us have to work a typical 9-5 and often work isn't as fun for us as it would be sitting on the couch, responding to #selfie compliments!

2. We should document our lives. Nobody likes to live a meaningless, tiring life. Even the little things that bring us hope are things we should blog about. Daily life musings, "soulfood" (or things that have touched our being), as well as our hobbies and our personal growth as individuals. Blogging, in so many ways, is a digital scrapbook.

3. In a world full of superficiality, we're in dire need of more relatable content. While beauty gurus are nice and all, and they do go through many of the things us "normal people" do, sometimes it is incredibly difficult to relate to people who seem like they have it all. You should be able to provide rejuvenating, every-day content that causes your readers to think: "Oh, that just happened to me the other day!"

4. Hello... Pinterest recipes! I feel confident making up the fake statistic that 90% of all Pinterest content came from a blog somewhere... especially the delicious recipes and fashion/interior decor inspiration. Without "normal people blogs", we wouldn't be anywhere in the Pinterestphere.

5. We must strive to make a difference. No matter our message, all of us have a valid, interesting and unique story to tell. Whichever activism movement we are a part of or whichever passions we hold, we must use the Internet as a platform on which to come together and actively work to reduce our ethnocentrism.

Do you blog? If yes, why do you blog? If no, would you ever consider blogging?