8 Things Pinterest Taught Me : For Those Not Quite Convinced

I've been an avid Pinterest-holic for the past few months, but registered as a user in 2012. Pinterest is this fantastic, huge space of inspiration with fellow individuals that share your interests. You create "boards", and "pin" the photos and tutorials you like the most. You can utilize Pinterest for all areas of your life, whether you love a crafty DIY project, or just need a quick hairstyle that will keep those fly-aways out of your face.

Currently, I separate my Pinterest into 19 boards:

  • FAVORITES : all the little things that catch my eye: cute puppies, a funny message, photos that make me smile, and gorgeous photography techniques.
  • DECOR + ROOMS : inspiration for future homes, whether it be pieces of furniture or decoration, as well as walls/floors, color schemes, and arrangements.
  • FASHION : inspiration for my everyday outfits, special occasion outfits, color pairings, items to-buy, and the newest trends in fashion.
  • BEAUTY : makeup, hair, and nail tips + tricks, tutorials, and images that radiate beauty in general (at least in the eye of this beholder).
  • FOOD / PALEO EATS : delicious recipes, desserts, main courses, snacks, etc. lots of vegan and vegetarian inspiration. I try to keep this category chalk full of realistic recipes that could be cooked in my own home.
  • AUTUMN : a current seasonal board with lots of pumpkin photography, starbucks cups, boots, and changing leaves. some inspiration for the upcoming few months.
  • SEAHAWKS : the seattle seahawks have their own board in my collection, full of hair accessories, household prints, photos of the players, and other goodies.
  • DRINKS : title inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, this board is a collection of alcoholic beverage recipes, or moreso just the menu for my 21st birthday.
  • GOALS : this is my largest form of a dream board. it's images of things that I hope to achieve in my future, goals, and greater visions. tons of travel destinations.
  • CRAFTS + DIY : pretty self-explanatory, this board is filled with DIY craft inspiration and step-by-step tutorials of how to get your finished product.
  • SOUL, SPIRIT, SKATE : titled after my youtube username, this is the place I share my favorite figure skating (and figure skater) photos.
  • WEDDING INSPIRATION : wedding day ideas, including attire, place settings, floral arrangements, locations, neat activities, color schemes, and photography poses.
  • MONOCHROMATIC : my "bad habits" board, purely black and white photography with general themes of goth, emotion and pleasure.
  • SEASONS GREETINGS : holiday-related thanksgiving, christmas, and new years photos. wreath arrangements, decor, and cheery sentiments to get in the spirit!
  • INSPIRATION : my favorite quotes, messages and calligraphy.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS : life hacks from all the most important areas: detoxes, cleaning tricks, exercise regimens, clean eating, studying and sleeping.
  • BODY LOVE : body-love activism board filled with photos of curvier women, fat bodies, bodies in lingerie, and self-worth inspiration.
  • KIDS : little children in the cutest outfits, poses, and smiles. yes, I am already designing my kid's wardrobe.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA : blog layout, fonts, social media tricks, topic inspiration. necessities for the everyday blogger/social media guru.

You get the idea...

The below points are just some of the reasons I believe in the magic of Pinterest:

1. You should always have a little DIY in your life. For those lazy days, Pinterest is filled to the brim with do-it-yourself crafts. No matter if you want to learn how to ombre your wall color, paint your flower pots with cute phrases, or create your own succulents, Pinterest has the best photo tutorials to get the job done.

2. Compartmentalizing ideas actually makes your life easier. I find that I collect so many bits and pieces of inspiration on the daily, that I have a hard time organizing it all in my little brain. Being able to take random photos that I find around the Internet and place them in one location that I always have as a reference is incredibly helpful and makes my life 100x easier.

3. Your friends have many interests--many of which you didn't know. Aside from the politics and rants that your friends and family may share with you on Facebook, there are many hobbies and free-time pursuits that they may have neglected to tell you. Pinterest is a great space to learn about the ones you love the most--and for example, their love of pugs or classic art.

4. There are foolproof ways to create snazzy outfits and implement beauty tricks. Ever buy a piece of clothing and have no idea when you'll wear it? Maybe you need a new eyeshadow look, or an easy braid tutorial to add some spice to your hair. I believe many people (including myself) are discouraged from paying attention to their physical look because they believe they do not have the time or the expertise. That's just not true!

5. There's even easier, foolproof recipes and drink mixes. Again, either you don't have the time to cook elaborate meals after coming home from work but want to stop microwaving your dinner, or you aspire to serve your guests an alcoholic beverage that looks like you put a lot of time and thought into it. Fear no longer! Pinterest is just the place for you.

6. The social media opportunities are endless. A lot of bloggers, vloggers, and other Internet moguls have succeeded in driving a HUGE amount of traffic to their websites through advertisement on Pinterest. They pin appealing photos and share their links with the photo, encouraging more people to click around and end up on their website. You can also find a great deal of blogging/vlogging tips and tricks on Pinterest, including best posting times, fonts that look great paired together, or what keywords you should use to drive traffic.

7. It's never too early to start planning for your wedding, next vacation, etc. This is vital to remember. While Pinterest is filled with people (like myself) crazily pinning their future wedding dress or their next vacation destination, there is a point to all this madness: we are crafting visions of our futures. Rumor has it that when a person saves their dreams, visions, or ideas somewhere, and looks back on them later, a plethora of the things they dreamt will have become a reality. Hell, a guy who saved a photo of his dream home ended up buying the exact home years later without even realizing it!

8. It's good to have dreams and goals. Above all, this may be the most important. It's healthy and necessary to set goals of all kinds for your own success and motivation. Pinterest allows its users to effortlessly dream and keep track of their goal lists through images. I personally enjoy having visual representation of my goals.