Outfit Inspiration for Winter 2015-16 Fashion

Every season, I'm amazed by the incredible variety of fashion choices we have to choose from. Pinterest is (obviously) a source of inspiration of mine, but so is Polyvore. Unlike Pinterest, Polyvore allows you to design your own outfit out of a variety of things you've either a). found on the Internet, or b). find within the collection of Polyvore. I make my own outfit (OOTD) sets to keep track of my inspiration. Speaking of seasons, this winter 2015-16 has been super fun for fashion. Now that the 70's color scheme is back, we've seen lots of olive and mustard tones, as well as the infamous 80's bomber jacket. Put these together, and you've got an outfit (in my opinion)! Here are four fashion looks I'm loving this winter:

Mustard Muse
Leafy Business
Kiss Me, Darling
Blushing Bliss

Blushing Bliss by franklykathryn featuring d'orsay pumps

Of course, I can't afford the exact items in these Polyvore sets, but I look for similar pieces at places with my kind of prices and keep the general themes alive.

What are your favorite winter looks from this past year? 

I can't wait for spring!

Outfit Inspiration Winter 2016
Outfit Inspiration Winter 2016