4 Traits You Must Have to Work With/For Me

When I think about my most successful work settings and situations, in addition to the people who have most positively (and negatively) impacted me at work, four traits resonate with me that I've realized I really do need in order to flourish in my career. As a business owner, it's very important that I work with the best of the best clients who truly allow me to grow and positively challenge me to become better at what I do, and vice versa. Business is not just a transaction, it is a growing opportunity for both the client and the professional--and I wholeheartedly believe this.

For me to have the most growth and appreciate my colleagues or clients, they must hold at least the following four traits:


When workers are honest, they are more likely to admit to their mistakes and work quickly to correct them. They are also often honest about how they perceive situations and what does/doesn't work for them, encouraging straight-talk and conflict resolution in a much faster fashion. When you are able to overcome conflicts, relationships strengthen and a lot less time gets wasted.


Resiliency is one of the most important traits I could ever ask from those I work amongst. Although I tend to be too sensitive and I am easily knocked down by disappointing outcomes, I quickly pick myself back up and try my best to carry my professional life with a sense of grace. If a lead falls through, I move on to the next. If I make an error, I fix it and move on to the next. In my field, resiliency is a necessity.


Vital to success is confidence. Not egotistical in nature, but belief in self. Having the confidence in what you do is so wonderful, and I love seeing this in others. Having a passion for what you do and knowing you do it well (this doesn't mean ignoring flaws or errors) is attractive and will certainly allow me to feel drawn to you. When clients have a clear vision and belief in themselves, I feel the passion for their project just as much and I'm motivated to do great work for them--this is the catalyst to success for all.


This has been a trait I've held my entire life because it was programmed into me at a young age. I've always attended alternative education institutions and felt as though I yearned for more even outside of the school setting. A lust for life-long learning means that you are actively continuing your education--attending conferences, seminars, networking events, in addition to reading, writing and communicating on the topic of your niche field.

What about you? What traits do your ideal clients/colleagues hold?

4 Traits You Must Have to Work With or For Me
4 Traits You Must Have to Work With or For Me